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Japanese enhanced Mailman (POEM ver.)

To build and run, you will need some 3rd party Python modules. Please see 'Python modules required by Japanese enhanced Mailman' section below for detail.

Souce files and packages (sources and binaries)

For latest source code, please see repository on launchpad.net lp:~futatuki/mailman/2.1-japan-poem. (latest is rev 1680 on Feb 12, 2024)
Note that sometimes newest source code on the repository is not tested after merge from upstream semi-automatically. Be careful to use.

Souce code and binary package of modified version of GNU Mailman here is distributed under GNU Public License. FreeBSD port shar file is distributed under BSD 2-clause License, just same as FreeBSD license.


Since 2.1.23+j3, we are preparing to introduced new language setting ja_JP.eucJP and ja_JP.UTF-8, for swiching codeset of ja language setting mildly. Those are default off because of not enough test. Please do not use those language settings if you don't want any trouble. And please read README.japan.utf-8(I'm sorry it is written in Japanese) carefully if you want to use them.

Source file 2.1.39+j2(rev. 1680)
SRPM for RHEL 7 and its clones with patch (2.1.39+j2)
RPM for RHEL 7 and its clones (for x86_64 arch only) (2.1.39+j2)
FreeBSD private port(tar.xz)(2.1.39+j2;testing package building only)
SRPM for RHEL 6 and its clones with patch (We are sorry but old version only because we don't have build environment any more ...)
Souce repository(launchpad)
README for Japanese enchansed Mailman (Japanese, UTF-8)
NEWS for Japanese enchansed Mailman (Japanese, UTF-8)

Python modules required by Japanese enhanced Mailman (POEM ver.)

To build and run Japanese enhanced Mailman (POEM ver.), You will need pykf module and cChardet (or alternatively chardet) module for charset/encoding handling.

Source codes or binaries in packages are distributed under licenses described on original sites.


original site(OSDN)
RPM spec file for RHEL 6 and its clones
SRPM for RHEL 6 and its clones
RPM spec file for RHEL 7 and its clones
SRPM for RHEL 7 and its clones
RPM for RHEL 7 and its clones (for x86_64 arch only)
FreeBSD private port(shar)


To build a module (or package from source file)you will need Cython

original site(gitHub)
RPM spec file for RHEL 6 and its clones
SRPM for RHEL 6 and its clones
RPM spec file for RHEL 7 and its clones
SRPM for RHEL 7 and its clones
RPM for RHEL 7 and its clones (for x86_64 arch only)
FreeBSD private port(shar)
FreeBSD ports is providete official cchardet ports as text/py-cchardet. However, it already dropped Python 2.7 support. This link is for obsolete private version, but it could be used for build itpython-cchardet-2.1.1,1.shar

SRPMs for py2-ipaddress(el6)

In June 5, 2018, upstream Mailman 2.1 has implemented a feature to enable blocking web subscribes IP addresses listed in Spamhaus SBL, CSS or XBL. For this feature woking with IPv6, it is need that ip2-ipaddress module is installed (not needed for IPv4 only).

The NEWS file says it can be installed via vip, but for those who want to manage as RPMs (i.e. mainly for us), I've made RPM source for el6, and then published. (for el7, it can be found as python-ipaddress package in base/update repo)

Project home(PyPI)
RPM spec file for RHEL 6 and its clones
SRPM for RHEL 6 and its clones

[Patch] Add new policy 'forbid' to subscribe policy

This extends MailList.subscribe_policy with new value 4 ... 'forbid', rejecting all subscribe request via E-mail and via Web UI (except by list owners operation).

With 'forbid' subscribe_policy,

On the other hand, the things to be worse,

These patch are for upstream mailman 2.1.26 rev 1759 (2.1.27 release) and later

patch to extend new policy 'forbid' for upstream rev.1815- (for release 2.1.30 and later)
patch to extend new policy 'forbid' for upstream rev.1762-rev.1814 (for release 2.1.27-2.1.29)
Bazaar repository

Technical detail

This introduce a new value 4 as 'Forbid' to MailList.subscribe_policy.

With MailList.subscribe_policy == 4,

To set new value to MailList.subscribe_policy,

For new template

For description

[Patch] I18n of listinfo/admin overview Web UI

I've added an i18n feature to GNU Mailman's listinfo overview Web UI, switching display language by negotiating with client language preference.

It requires a third party module httpheader.

The patch below is against upstream Mailman 2.1.22 rev 1651 or later, or Japanese enhanced Mailman 2.1.22+j1 rev 1508 or later, while I think it can be applied to earier revision with some offset.

By default, language negotiation feature is enabled in listinfo overview and disabled in admin overview. You can override them in mm_cfg.py by setting LISTINFO_OVERVIEW_LANGUAGE_NEGOTIATION for listinfo overview, and ADMIN_OVERVIEW_LANGUAGE_NEGOTIATION for admin overview. Set those to Yes to enable and No to disable.

overview i18n patch
overview i18n patch (before 2.1.25 release, before 2.1.24 rev.1720)
Bazaar repository

httpheader Python module

Project home
httpheader Python module
GitHub project dmeranda/httpheader
RPM spec file for RHEL 6 and its clones
SRPM for RHEL 6 and its clones
RPM spec file for RHEL 7 and its clones
SRPM for RHEL 7 and its clones
RPM for RHEL 7 and its clones
FreeBSD private port(shar)

Japanese translation of GNU Mailman documents

Those Japanese translation of documents has been merged into upstream Mailman 2.1 Rev 1658


Files below are Japanese translation of original documents in the top directories of source code hierachy extracted from archive. There are old translated documents in GNU Mailman source archive file, under messages/ja/ directory, but those have not been updated for many years. So I updated for 2.1.22 release based on Mr. Kikuchi's work.

While charset of original translation files under messages/ja/ are EUC-JP, those of files belows are UTF-8 for browsing.

No one has reviewed them, so reviews are welcome.


Although original source code archive file contains Japanese translation of Mailman/Defaults.py.in, it is a bit old, for 2.1.9. So I tried to translate again for 2.1.21 and latest revision.

Following links are browsing page for each revision file on launchpad.net repository. Disappointedly file encoding EUC-JP has not been supported on launchpad.net web view, so we can't read content of file, but it is correct behaviour. Please down load from "download file" link in page for reading. (Note that the file encoding is EUC-JP)

Following are converted to UTF-8 for browsing

Repository for RPM package source and FreeBSD ports (ViewVC; only for browsing)

I've used Subversion to manage FreeBSD ports and RPM package source of private version of Mailman and related modules, so I publish them with ViewVC for browsing.

FreeBSD ports

RPM source for RHEL 6 and its clones

RPM source for RHEL 7 and its clones