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Linux kernel for Xen4CentOS(CentOS 6/x86_64 only)

Before XenCentOS project had provided Linux kernel for Xen 4.x, since Oct 2016 new kernel against CVE-2016-5195(dirty cow) local privilege escallation has not been not released. The latest kernel from the project is 3.18.41-20, which is upstream vanilla kernel 3.18.41 with patch to add blktap2 xenpci backend driver. And upstream 3.18 kernel has been EOL at 3.18.48 on early Feb 2017 before CVE-2017-6074 has been fixed.

So I tried to make 3.18.48 kernel packages with CVE-2017-6074 fix, based on 3.18.41, upgrading 3.18.48, with patch to fix CVE-2017-6074.

But the project will release new kernel based on 4.9 LTS kernel. So I think it is better to use it instead of package below.

The license is GNU Public License.

There is a defference from Xen4CentOS: xenpci backend driver has been built in kernel, not built for module, for PCI passthru.

kernel 3.18.48-20
kernel-devel 3.18.48-20
kernel-headers 3.18.48-20
perf 3.18.48-20

Pasco ... a tool for analysis of Internet Explorer (6-9) cache/history files

There is a tool for analyzing web cache file of Microsoft Internet Explorer(MSIE) 5-9, pasco. Pasco is a command line tool run on Windows or Linux, *BSD and other Unix platforms. It read index file "index.dat" on MSIE cache directory, Conetn.IE5, then parse it and output as tab separated text to stdout.

This tool is originally made by FoundStone(aquired by McAfee), and published on McAfee web site under BSD style license. However it has not been maintained sinse 2003, some bug remained. Fortunately its license) is BSD style, so I fixed some bug and add enhancements, then published it.

I've tested on Windows 7, CentOS 7, and FreeBSD 10. Please see Changesfile about change history.

source and executable for Windows

zip format archive
tar.xz format archive